Amazing Health Benefits of Amla You Should Know

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Posted On: October 9th, 2018

History of using Amla in India is very old. It is not only used in India but also in many other parts of the world too. Amla is a tree that is known for its naturally rich fruit and it can work wonder for you. Now a day health conscious people are quite concerned to use Amla because it is rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron. It also helps to protect human body from so many diseases. Gooseberry is an alternate name of Amla. There are numerous amazing benefits of Amla that must be known by the people. This is so because there are still so many people who are unaware of this miraculous and healing element. So we will illustrate the benefits one by one here.

Helps to avoid heart diseases

High cholesterol always paves way for the heart diseases. When we use amla, it lowers down the piling of bad cholesterol in our body and helps to avoid the heart diseases. Amla also helps arteries to avoid clogging that occurs due to bad cholesterol.

Solution for sore throat

The people who are frequently used to complain about their sore throat, they can try this amazing fruit. It has power to heal the problem of cough too. Make juice of Amla by adding some pieces of ginger and a tablespoon of honey and use it. You will immediately start to feel the difference.

Helps to avoid ulcers

You will be amazed to know that amla owns antibacterial properties that help a lot in preventing ulcers. Acidity is the key reason behind ulcers so when the acidity is reduced by amla, the chances of ulcers get reduced itself.

Improves hair health

Thick hairs are liked by every girl. When it is talked about the health benefits of amla, we come to know that it is good enough to manage the hair loss problem. It is also used for treating eczema and different issues of scalp like dandruff. Amla can be used in its natural form or health care products containing amla can be beneficial too.

It makes your skin healthy

Poor liver functioning is a key reason behind skin problems. Amla is considered as an amazing antioxidant that helps to detoxify your liver. People who use it on regular basis, their skins are more glowing as compare to the people who do not use it.

Prevents skin aging

Amla is rich in vitamin C and it prevents skin aging to a great extent. Our skin gets loose due to the deficiency of collagen with the passage of time. But when we use amla, it tries to boost up the level of collagen with the help of its vitamin C and maintains the firmness of our skin. So it is quite handy to keep our skin glowing and soft.

Good for kidneys

Amla has a profound effect on your kidneys. If you consume it frequently, it increases the volume of urination and frequency of urine gets better too. Urination helps to detoxify our body and all the extra sugar and uric acid wipes out of our body. In this way, kidneys keep on working in a healthier manner.

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