Best Natural Antibiotics You Will Find in Your Kitchen

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Posted On: October 9th, 2018

Use of antibiotics is quite common in case of infections. Different people use different antibiotics keeping in view their body requirements. Antibiotic medicines are good enough to kill the bacteria but it is a matter of fact that they pave way for the different side effects too. Some people claim that these medicines affect their stomach and some people complain about the loose motions. Now you will be surprised to know that plenty of antibiotics are found in our kitchen that are natural and they have no side effect too. People can use these kitchen related natural antibiotics to get rid of many infections. Here we will discuss these natural antibiotics one by one.


Garlic is on the top of the list of natural antibiotics and it is found in every kitchen. It is good enough to fight against bacteria. The people who need immediate relief, they can use it in the raw form. It involves anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant and anti- fungal properties that make it useful as an antibiotic ingredient.


Use of honey as an antibiotic is quite common and people are using this ingredient since ancient times. An enzyme is found in honey that generates the hydrogen peroxide and helps human body to fight against different infections. It is also rich in sugar so it helps to restrict the development of certain bacteria too.


It is said that sulfur is found in cabbage and this compound of sulfur is good enough to fight against cancerous infections. It is also rich in vitamin C and if you use one cup of cabbage, you will have 75 % of the total vitamin C that you need per day. People can use it in their salads and they can drink its fresh juice too. It helps to prevent diseases to a great extent.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Antibiotic and antiseptic properties of raw apple cider vinegar make it prominent for use. It alkalizes your system naturally and it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in your body too. Use of this vinegar is quite handy in reducing the excess weight of your body and it also eliminates the chances of cancer.


Scientific research shows that ginger is a good antibiotic and it is also available in every kitchen easily. A scientific study was conducted and the result of this study was published in 2017. It revealed that ginger has an ability to kill so many bacteria. It is quite handy in reducing blood sugar and it can be used for treating seasickness and nausea.


Use of oregano as an antibiotic is getting quite common these days. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it unique. It is among one of the most effective antibiotics and improves the immune system too.


Clove has been used in dental procedures from a long period of time but the new findings reveal that people can also use it as an antibiotic. It can fight against plenty of bacteria and provide relief to the body.

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