Causes of depression in children

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

Are you wondering that why your child seems depressed? There might be some days when your child feels lonely or sad, that is okay. But if the condition prevails persistently and your kid is continuously looks hopeless or dejected, then he may be facing the issue of childhood depression. Childhood depression is a serious mental health problem which demands medical treatment and assessment.

According to statistics, one out of every five young people may be dealing with mental health issues. Now, there is a good amount of health care professionals who can accurately diagnose and treat mental health issue which includes children depression with medication and psychotherapy.

It is an important matter to understand the root causes of depression. If a cause of depression in children is not diagnosed rightly, it becomes very difficult to address and treat the problem which can be further detrimental for health of kids.

Causes of depression

It is a fact that exact reason of depression is not known but they have been greatly linked with environmental factors and genetics. Following are some most common factors for depression and mood disorders in children.

Family history of depression

Family history of depression is one of the most important causes for depression in children. If any parent has a genetic inclination towards depression, this disease can pass on to children genetically.

Parents’ divorce

Parents’ divorce is another cause of depression in children. A separated or torn family badly impacts a child’s growth and if parents tend to fight on continuous basis, it badly affects a child’s mental growth and leads him towards depression.

Abuse or neglect

Abuse or neglect is another important factor for depression in children. If parents abuse kids or even father and mother abuse each other and fight all the time, it leads towards excessive stress. Physical abuse or neglecting attitude towards children also make children depressive and dejected.

Trauma and loss of loved ones

In early age, during a child’s growth, if loss of a loved one is faced by children, it can traumatically affect a child and force him to go into depression from where revival to a normal life may become difficult if proper care and treatment is not provided at the right time.

Moving away from friends or other close family members can also be a cause of depression.

Inability to accomplish tasks

Inability of a child to complete certain tasks as difficulty in learning to read or falling behind in completing other physical activities leads to depression.

Psychiatric disorders

Psychiatric disorders or other conduct disorders can lead to depression. This is why; it becomes very important to address this issue of depression in children at a very early stage. Psychiatric disorders can worsen the situation of a child if not addressed at a right time.

These are some of the main causes which lead children to a depressive stage. Even if a certain cause of depression is not known, it is vital to contact a psychiatrist or medical practitioner if your child seems sad or depress for no particular reason. Early diagnosis can save a child from psychological disorders.

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