Common health issues caused by the excessive use of computer

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Posted On: October 19th, 2018

As the world is advancing towards digital age, everything is changing whether it is our habits, lifestyle or health. With the advent of computers and its increased use in our daily life (whether it is for recreational purposes or for work) our lives have been greatly impacted. Excessive computer use is being greatly debated due to its grave impacts on health. In the following article, we are going to discuss about common health issues which are caused by excessive use of computer.

Impact on sleep

Excessive use of computer is greatly impacting health of kids and adults. When people spend a lot of time on computer, their mind tricks them into spending little more time in watching some interesting video or knock out some emails, it reduces sleep time and affects quality of sleep which impacts health overall.

Posture related injuries

Posture is badly affected by excessive use of computers. Headaches, shoulder and arm pain, back and neck pain are mostly known as computer related injuries. Due to poor work station, these problems can get worse and also cause joint and muscle pains. Bad sitting posture for long period of time causes posture related injuries which need immediate attention.

Eye problem

Excessive use of computer badly impact eyes as when you are working on screen, you are continuously looking in to bright screen without blinking eyes. As you blink less while working as your eyes are so focused on screen, it leads to dryness in eyes. Eye sight can also be impacted with excessive use of computers especially of kids.

Muscle stress

Excessive use of computer puts a lot of strain on muscles as you keep your body in a very specific position. As you keep your body parts steady in a certain position, it reduces blood circulation in the system and less blood is supplied to muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons which ultimately cause stress and pain in body and stiffness in muscles.

Weight gain

Weight gain is another important issue associated with excessive use of computer. As people spend a lot of time on computers, they keep sitting and do not walk around which lowers blood circulation and increases weight as your body does not exercise. Weight gain also leads to increase in blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol level.

Back pain

Back pain is also associated with excessive use of computer as people usually sit in a very bad posture while working online and do not use right desk and chair to work for longer hours. This leads to back pain on regular basis. Exercise for a few minutes while working on computer can help reduce back pain.

These are all issues of concerns for people who do excessive use of computers and other technologies as it badly impacts health and cause many other health problems including obesity and low blood circulation. It is important to monitor time you spend on computer to lead a healthy life style. If you have to spend more time on computer for work, take a break after regular intervals for five minutes or so to relax muscles and eyes.

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