Common Health troubles caused by the modern life

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

We are living in an age where we are surrounded with countless luxuries and technologies. People generally call it an age of technology and it is quite right. In recent centuries, most of our manual activities are replaced by the machines. We are more relaxed now and this relaxation has affected our lifestyle to a great extent. We have ignored the importance of work out. On the other hand excessive use of technology is also paving way for different health problems. So here we will discuss the most common health issues caused by our modern life one by one.

  1. Obesity: Obesity is the most important issue of modern life. Our lives have become technology oriented now and this change in attitude is the biggest reason of obesity in our generation. Secondly, people are more likely to consume processed foods these days. Use of vegetables and fruits is less. Lack of work out and consumption of processes food are the two main causes of obesity. Obesity is not only bad itself but also it paves the way for other related issues like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases etc. It disturbs the balance of cholesterol too that is quite dangerous for a human body.
  2. Hearing loss: Use of headphones is quite common these days. People use headphones for making calls, listening music etc. People who use headphones for listening music, they often turn the volume up to 100 and 110 decimals because ear buds donor cancel the background noise and compel the user to turn the volume at higher decimals that is not good at all. This sound volume damages the sensitive hearing cells that are found within the ear. And the people who make an excessive use of headphones, they are prone to hear loss problem in the end. Adults are the common victim of this problem.
  3. Computer vision syndrome: Computer has become an integral part of our modern life. It helps to perform so many tasks on daily basis but as a matter of fact, the excess use of computer is also paving the way for computer vision syndrome or many other related eye sight issues. People who are used to work on computer all the day, they complain for different problems. Experts say that computer is the major source of headaches, wrist injuries, blurred vision, sensitivity to light etc.
  4. Social anxiety disorder: Our world has become a global village. Technologies have removed the interaction hurdles and role of social media like face books, emails, video callings etc is quite eminent these days. But as we said earlier, excess of everything is bad. Same is the case in this scenario. This penetration of social media paves way for the social anxiety disorder for the people. They feel that they are being watched and judged by the people every time. They cannot do anything of their choice. Everyone is there to judge them. This thinking is the major source of social anxiety disorder and the ratio of the people who are suffering from this problem is rising day by day. People who suffer this problem, they find it hard to make friends at work place. This type of disorder affects their physical health too. They become the victim of depression, confusion and heart palpitation.
  5. Text Claw: Mobile phones have become a necessary evil of modern times. Now people feel incomplete without mobile phone. But it has a major disadvantage that is text claw. Text claw affects those people who are used to of excessive text messages and social interaction through their mobile phones. The victims of text claw complain the problem of wrist injury, thumb tenderness, difficulty in gripping ,hand spasms etc.

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