Down Syndrome- types and treatment

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Posted On: October 19th, 2018

There are so many diseases that are associated with the new born children. Sometimes it is easy to overcome these diseases and the effects of these diseases can be eliminated with the passage of time. But there are some lifetime diseases that cannot be treated although the intensity or effects can be narrowed. One of these diseases is the Down syndrome.

Sometimes it happens that when a new born comes into the world, his or her body owns an extra copy of 21chromosomes. The other name of this copy is trisomy 21. This copy delays in the mental and physical growth of a child and cause so many other disabilities too. Most of the disabilities caused by Down syndrome are for lifetime. But it is a matter of fact that the children with Down syndrome live a healthy and happy life. Medical and family support helps these children to overcome this disability to a great extent.

Types of Down syndrome

There are three types of Down syndrome.

Trisomy 21:
This is known as the most common type of Down syndrome. This disease happens when there are three number 21 chromosomes and they appear in every cell of body. Generally there are two number 21 chromosomes and a human body is consisting of 46 chromosomes in total. But in case of Down syndrome, 47 chromosomes appear in human body. So this extra genetic material causes delay in the development and also paves way for other disabilities. It has been reported that in 95% of cases, this type of Down syndrome is prominent.

This type of Down syndrome is not very common. It accounts for only 4% of cases. This disease occurs when the parts of chromosomes 21 get broken during the cell division. And these broken cells get attached to the others chromosomes. Normally, there is the presence of 46 chromosomes so this extra part of chromosomes paves the way for the translocation type of Down syndrome.

Mosaicism: This type of Down syndrome is not very common and it accounts for only 1% of cases. The people who suffer from Mosaicism Down sysndrome, they show very less signs of this disease. After the fertilization, when cell gets divide the nondisjunction of chromosome 21 happens in some of the divided cells. This situations leads toward the mixture of two types of cells. Some cells contain usual 46 chromosomes and some contains 47 chromosomes. So this condition is known as Mosaicism Down syndrome.

When it is talked about the treatment of Down syndrome, we come to know that this disease affects different people in different ways. Signs of this disease are not completely same. So it cannot be said that one treatment will work for all. But it is a matter of fact that the earlier detection of this disease can bring relief in the life of that person. Doctors can help and guide the parents how to treat these children. Physical therapy and speech therapy is recommended with some medication. In many states, there are schools for these special children where attention is paid to boost up the mental and physical health of these children.

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