Health issues that make old age vulnerable

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Posted On: August 20th, 2018

Elderly people especially over age of 60 are more prone to many health issues. In following lines, we are going to describe some diseases and health issues that usually old people experience.


After sixty, you get prone to shingles disease. It is like chicken pox which you may have had years ago as kid. According to stats, one out of 3 people are likely to get shingles after 60 and about 50 percent of American may get this disease before they turn 80. Shingles only affect one side of body causing severe pains gradually and then rashes, itchiness and possibly blisters.

Oral health

Oral health is also very important for old people to be healthy but what usually happens is that about 25 percent of adults have no natural teeth after the age of 65. Oral health also has the capacity to make old age more vulnerable as old people are less prone to have immunity to fight with cavities which may lead towards root canal, tooth extractions and other gums issues.


Depression also makes old age vulnerable and more prone to anxiety. Almost 20% of American public above the age of 65 experience depression which is a grave threat to health. It affects immunity levels and affects the ability of body to fight with other diseases and infections.


Obesity is another factor for vulnerabilities in old age. It puts health at risk and lead to many other diseases like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes. In late 60’s and 70’s, the knees become less able to bear heavy weight of body and putting extra pressure on knees with heavy body weight can affect walking in old people. It also increases chances of experiencing heart stroke and closed arteries.

Pneumonia and influenza

Pneumonia and influenza are other common problems that old people duly experience. These two diseases are the main reasons for deaths in elderly people. These are not chronic diseases that can lead to immediate deaths but they put body under a lot of stress which make it difficult to fight these diseases and ending up in death.


Diabetes is the most common disease that puts life of elderly people at risk. It becomes difficult for diabetic patients to continue other activities of life and an immediate control on food intake with exercise is immediately required when diagnosed with this health issue. Diabetes does not come alone; it also brings obesity, blood pressure and heart disease if not controlled. So, it makes old people vulnerable to a great extent.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases for elderly in recent years and it also causes deaths in people over 65 years of age. Diagnosis of this disease is difficult still and experts believe that cognitive impairment has a significantly bad impact on elderly health.


Osteoporosis is another disease very common in elderly especially women which makes their bones fracture sometimes, making it difficult to walk and potentially disabled.

Heart Disease

Heart diseases also make elderly vulnerable and affect their health badly. This can lead to high cholesterol, blood pressure and stroke ultimately which can lead them more prone to weakness and a feeble immune system.

Above mentioned are the few diseases that affect elderly people and make them prone to health issues especially after 65 years of age. In following lines, we will mention some tips that can help them to avoid such chronic problems.

  • Elderly people should go for regular check-ups
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • If diagnosed with diabetes, exercise and diet should be controlled
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol should be checked on regular intervals to help avoid severe heart diseases
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