Home Remedies to cure Acidity

Posted On: December 19th, 2018

Acidity is a state in which people complain about heartburn near their lower chest area. In actual, gastric glands are found in our stomach that produce a specific amount of acid for the digestion of food. But sometimes gastric glands start to produce extra amount of acid that is not desired. It also means that the valves of the stomach do not close properly and acid is flowed back up into the food pipe. This situation results in a burning sensation that is felt above the stomach. Many of us initially ignore this problem but this is not right at all.

Home remedies

Here we will discuss some effective home remedies that can prove quite handy in resolving this problem.

  1. Bananas: Bananas are a great blessing from God. They are rich in fiber content that helps to digest the food properly. Potassium is also found in a banana that is quite handy in producing mucus and mucus restricts the excess formation of acid. Problem of acidity can be resolved to a great extent by using bananas at home.
  2. Fennel seeds: A compound “Anothole” is found in fennel seeds that mainly works as a soothing agent for your heart burn. Fennel seeds are also rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers that help in proper digestion. People who suffer from acidity problem, they can use fennel seeds on daily basis to get rid of this problem. Even pregnant women who claim indigestion, they can use these seeds because they are prohibited to use excess medication during pregnancy.
  3. Cold milk: Science has proved that milk is rich in calcium and it makes our bones strong. But many of us do not know that calcium also helps in proper digestion too. Calcium is good enough to balance the ph level in our body. So the people who claim the problem of acidity, they can use cold milk. It is better to use cold milk without any additives like chocolate, honey, sugar etc.
  4. Basil leaves: Acidity paves the ways for heartburn and nausea and sometimes it becomes quite hard to bear this problem. In this situation, you can use basil leaves as a home remedy. Basil leaves are also known as Tulsi. These leaves help to generate more mucus and mucus prevents the acidity. People can chew 2 to 3 basil leaves and they will surely get an instant relief.
  5. Raw almonds: Raw almonds are a good home remedy to cure the problem of acidity. In olden times, raw almonds were used by the people to treat heartburn and ulcers. Today, doctors also advice the use of raw almonds to cure acidity. Almonds help in neutralizing the acid in stomach and provide a soothing effect.
  6. Pineapple juice: Many of us like to eat spicy food. Spicy food paves the way for acidity in your stomach. So whenever you have some spicy food or you are experiencing the problem of acidity, drink a glass of pineapple juice. Pineapple is an accurate home remedy to treat the problem of heart burn.
  7. Mint leaves: Mint leaves are the best coolants that are found in nature. Their properties reveal that they work as a true soothing agent for the heartburn and they help in proper digestion too. Take some mint leaves and boil these leaves in water. After getting cool, use this water once or twice a day. This natural remedy will work wonders for you. you can even chopand chew the mint leaves too.

So these are some effective home remedies that someone can use to get rid of burning heart problem at home.

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