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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

Migraine is a type of pain that is recurring in nature and it generally affects the one part of brain. This is a severe head ache and it also paves the way for nausea and the disturbed vision. Different people claim different symptoms of migraine. The pain caused by migraine may affect the people for hours. Sometimes this pain can last for couple of days too. There are no definite reasons of migraine. There are some factors that are generally accounted for migraine like

  • Hormonal changes
  • Emotional triggers
  • Physical causes
  • Environmental triggers like strong smells, loud noise etc
  • Diet triggers like use of alcohol and caffeine
  • Deficiency of magnesium

These are some generally accepted triggers that can cause migraine but condition and triggers may vary from person to person. Different medications are recommended to lessen the pain of migraine. But these medicines can cause some other problems to you like stomach problem or bad digestion etc. In this situation, some people look towards home remedies to cure migraine because they have no side effects. Some effective home remedies are as follows,

  1. Rest in a quiet room: It is said that noise makes migraine worse. Same is the case with lights. So when you are suffering from migraine, you must rest in a quiet and dark room. Peace and darkness will help you in speedy recovery. And you will experience a clear difference in your head ache that is caused by migraine.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is necessary for a healthy body. But in case of migraine, the role of exercise cannot be ignored. Exercise helps to relax your muscles and our body releases endorphins that help in fighting against pain. But it is recommended that exercise should not be done during migraine attack because it can cause more trouble for you in this situation. Exercise must be done when you are fresh and there are no signs of pain.
  3. Try to avoid hot dogs and some other food items: In avoiding migraine, role of diet is also very important. It is a matter of experience that certain foods are the triggers of migraine. If we stop the use of these food items, we can overcome the problem of migraine to a great extent. These food items include hot dogs, pickles, beans, different cultured dairy products, processed food, chocolate etc.
  4. Use of Lavender oil: A research was conducted in 2012 and it was claimed that inhaling the smell of lavender essential oil for 15 minutes can reduce the attack of migraine and help the speedy recovery. Lavender oil can be inhaled directly. There is no side effect of this oil.
  5. Ginger: Ginger is easily available in every home and use of ginger can help to get relief from the pain of migraine and nausea. This is a great home remedy that works wonder for the pain. A researched claimed that ginger power is good enough to decrease the duration of pain. It also reduces the other symptoms that are caused by the migraine.
  6. Use of magnesium in diet: It is said that deficiency of magnesium can cause the problem of migraine. Studies reveal that magnesium oxide supplements are necessary for health but when there is a deficiency of these supplements in body, it paves the way for migraine and other headaches. Magnesium can be obtained from different food items like almonds, cashews, eggs, milk etc.

These are the home remedies that can naturally help to cure migraine and they have no side effect at all.

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