How to get rid of Diabetes?

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Posted On: August 20th, 2018

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a problem that arises when sugar level of your body is raised up to a certain level in your blood. Diabetes is a common ailment these days. This disease is not only associated with the old age any more. Now a day, young people are also prone to diabetes. This is because our eating habits have changed with the passage of time. We are more likely to consume saturated food that paves way for high blood sugar and many other diseases.

Types of diabetes: There are many types of diabetes and it is necessary to diagnose the right type of diabetes for proper treatment.

Type1 diabetes

In this type of diabetes, our body does not make insulin and the immune system directly attacks the cells and destroys them. These cells of pancreas are in charge of the body to make insulin. When the cells are destroyed, they do not perform their duty and no insulin is produced in our body. This type of diabetes is generally diagnosed in young people and children. People who suffer from this type have to use insulin on daily basis to keep going with their lives.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes. In this type, our body does not use insulin in right way. This type is not associated with any specific particular age. It has been observed that in middle aged people, type 2 diabetes is generally diagnosed.

Gestational diabetes

It is a matter of experience that the gestational diabetes is observed in pregnant women mostly. After giving birth to a child, this problem generally gets resolved on its own.

Least common types

Least common types of diabetes are monogenic diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis-related diabetes. These types are not generally known by the people.

Tips to avoid diabetes

Here are some commonly known tips that can help to avoid diabetes.

Maintain your weight

First of all, people need to manage their weights. Obesity leads toward diabetes and diabetes cause so many problems for human body. Excessive deposit of fat is dangerous for health.

Exercise on daily basis

Exercise helps a lot in reducing your weight. It does not only reduce weight but also helps in maintaining the glucose level in blood. Exercise maintains your blood pressure and cholesterol levels too.

Eat healthy food

People who use healthy food, they mostly remain away from diabetes as compared to the people who are obsessed with saturated food. Fresh vegetables and fruits help keep you healthy and strong.

Check if you are at risk of diabetes

Keep checking if you are at risk of diabetes by regularly having blood tests. If you get a score close to 12 it means your chances of becoming diabetic patient are more or vice versa.

Avoid processed food

It is always advisable that people should consume less processed food. Convenience food is generally rich in salt and fats so always try to cook fresh food by use of natural ingredients.

Limit use of alcohol

The people who use alcohol frequently in high quantity, they are vulnerable to diabetes at some stage of life. If you want to stay away from diabetes, you must restrict the use of alcohol. Men can consume 2 glass and women can consume 1 glass per day.

Quit smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly injurious to health and it is a matter of fact that the smokers are more likely to develop the problem of diabetes as compared to non smokers.

Minimize cardiovascular risk

Diabetes creates so many complications for human body and one of these is the cardio-vascular problem. If you will try to stay away from diabetes, you will be automatically safe from heart disease. This is because in most of the cases diabetic patients are the victim of heart disease.

Get a routine check up on regular basis:

It is always advisable to get a routine check up from your physician. It helps you to keep an eye on your blood pressure and glucose of your body.

These are some very handy tips that can guide you in a right way to get rid of this problem in advance.

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