How to manage stress in life

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Posted On: August 20th, 2018

Life has been changed with the passage of time. In olden times, it was simple to lead a life but now a day situation is changed. A single person has to perform multiple tasks in routine life. This fast moving life gives birth to numerous problems and one of these is Stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a feeling that makes people worried regarding some issue. This stress may be related to some financial issue, relationship, work etc. Stress does not always affect negatively. It also works as a motivator many times. It is said that working efficiency of many people is increased to a great level under stress. But in many cases stress restricts the ability to think in a proper way. When you are having stress related to a relationship, you may feel difficulty in doing your routine work.

Symptoms of Stress

These are some widely accepted symptoms of stress. These are as follows,

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Laziness to perform different tasks
  • Immune system effects
  • Digestive system gets slow
  • Muscles get stiff.

Types of stress

There are three basic type of stress.

  1. Acute stress: This type of stress does not stay longer. It takes its place when you are having some trouble related to a work or other issue. When this issue is resolved, this type of stress relieves itself. Acute stress causes headaches and this moderate amount of stress also makes your stomach upset.
  2. Episodic Acute stress: People who often experience the problem of acute stress, they are diagnosed with the episodic acute stress. All those people who are used to ponder on different things on continual basis are vulnerable to this type of stress. Such individuals may face the problem of heart disease and high blood pressure.
  3. Chronic stress: Chronic stress is considered the most dangerous type of stress. Many factors can be accounted for this type of stress like poverty, unsuccessful marriage, a scattered family etc. People having this type of stress stop to seek out the solutions for their problems. This kind of stress becomes a part of their personality with the passage of time and they remain unaware of it. In a long run, people with chronic stress think to commit suicide or they may suffer from heart attacks.

How stress can be handled

In this world nothing is impossible. It is possible to deal with stress in life. Here are some useful tips that can help people a lot.

  • Use of medications:
    Actually stress is not treated by the doctors. When the people are at the extreme of stress, they are actually facing the problem of anxiety and depression. At that point, doctors’ advice different medications and they suggest antidepressants. These medications can help to get rid of stress factor.
  • Exercise:
    Mental and physical state of a person improves with the help of exercise. Exercise makes our nerves strong. It helps our brain to be strong in different complex situations.
  • Restrict the use of caffeine and alcohol:
    Many people start to use caffeine and alcohol because they consider that it is the best way to get rid of situation. This is not true at all. Use of drugs makes the problem of stress worse. You can solve your problems in a better way by avoiding the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Nutrition:
    A well balanced diet is one that is consisting of fresh fruits and vegetable. This diet helps a lot in keeping your immune system strong at the times of stress. And if your diet is not good, your immune system will breakdown soon after the stress. So nutrition can help you to manage stress in the best possible way.
  • Time:
    Give time to yourself. You can specify some part of a day for yourself. In this time, you can pursue your own interests. It will help you to relax and think in a positive way.
  • Talk to someone:
    When you are stressed, try to talk someone who is close to you and who can provide you a better solution of your stress. This is a very good therapy. When you talk to someone, you release your stress in a way and you feel very light after discussing.
  • Prioritize things in life:
    Try to prioritize things in life. Try to consider those goals that you have accomplished with the passage of time rather than considering the failures of your life. This attitude towards life will provide you a sense of satisfaction and you will easily get rid of stress.
  • Acknowledge the signs of stress:
    It is necessary to acknowledge the signs of stress. It has been observed that many people avoid admitting that they are stressed. This is not a positive attitude. Try to acknowledge the signs of stress and think about the ways getting out of it.
  • Establish support networks:
    People can establish support networks for their convenience. They can create online groups to discuss their problems or they can join any community of people where they can speak openly regarding their stress issues.
  • These tips show that initial types of stress can be managed easily in life but if someone is suffering from chronic stress, he should consult the doctor immediately. Delay in this situation may cause severe damage to your health.

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