How to prevent mosquito bites naturally?

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

This world is a marvelous creation of God. Each and every element of this earth has its own features and qualities. These qualities may vary according to the nature of that particular creation. Here we will talk about a tiny creature that is small in size but it can give you a hard time. Yes, we are talking about Mosquitoes.

Mosquito is a small, tiny creature whose bite does not only make you itching but also you can be a victim of some illness.

Natural ways to avoid mosquito bite:

Here we are discussing some techniques to avoid the bite of mosquitoes. These are as follows,

  • Mosquitoes are used to bite mostly at early morning and evening time. So people should avoid stepping out at that time and they must keep themselves covered at that time. This method is quite helpful in avoiding mosquito bite.
  • It is said that garlic is quite handy to keep the mosquitoes away. If you add a bit more garlic to your food, this would be helpful. But there is no comprehensive research regarding this preventive method.
  • A study that was conducted in 2002, it exposed that repellents containing citronella are good enough to keep the mosquitoes away. On the other hand, plant oriented oils are also regarded as beneficial for getting rid of mosquitoes. This is so because plant oils smell bad to mosquitoes but not to humans. That is why use of such oils is recommended.
  • Burning a citronella candle is also a very handy tip. When you burn this candle, the smoke arises and this smoke aids to keep the mosquitoes away. In this way, mosquitoes will remain away naturally from you.
  • Don’t expose your skin in summers to avoid mosquito bite. When you wear long sleeves, full pants and use closed toe shoes, you are less vulnerable to mosquito bite. In an intense hot weather, although it is hard to cover your body all the time but you must exercise this tip at dusk and dawn essentially. This method will help you a lot in avoiding mosquito bite.
  • A mosquito can breed easily in some standing water of puddle or a pool. If a mosquito remains successful in breeding such area of your house then it can give hard times to you. So it is always advisable that the ponds and puddles must be cleared or cleaned on weekly basis. Flower pots and other articles like trash lid must be cleared frequently. Accumulation of rain water in tyres may lead to the breeding of mosquitoes too. So, the things must be cleaned on a regular basis to get rid from the bites of mosquitoes.
  • It is said that mosquitoes are not a good fliers. So the people should stay near ceiling fans. This is another good natural way to avoid the mosquito bite.

Factors that make you more liable for mosquito bite:

Studies say that there are three factors that make you more liable for mosquito bite.

  1. It has been researched that the people who have the O blood group, they are an evident victim of this sticky creature.
  2. The people who breathe out more carbon dioxide, they are more vulnerable to their bites.
  3. People having high level of bacteria on their skin are more likely to be a victim of mosquito bite.

Mosquito bite is not good for health. Except itching, people may suffer severe diseases just because of its biting. So these natural methods can be quite successful for you from protection point of view.

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