Obesity is a silent Killer

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

We are living in modern times where everything is revolutionized. There was a time when simplicity was the core ingredient in every walk of life. But the scenario has changed now. People are more likely to use variety of products in their life. In olden times, homemade food was considered the best but now people love to eat instant food. Junk food has become a passion for many people. This change in eating habits is causing so many health related issues and one of these core issues is obesity.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a state of health in which excessive fats start to get accumulated in your body. This high level of accumulated fat is good enough to pave way for negative effects on your health. It is said that obesity is a silent killer and there is no doubt about it. This is because it gives birth to so many diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, fatigue etc. People can use the tool of BMI for determining their weights.

What is BMI?

BMI is the abbreviation of Body Mass Index. This tool is quite handy for determining your weight. It derives the healthy body weight by creating a co-relation between height and weight. But as a matter of fact, it is not designed to measure the fats of your body. It just gives you the notion of your ideal weight according to your height and that’s it.

Reasons of obesity:

Obesity is a great threat to a healthy body. Here we will look at the reasons that make a person obese.

  1. Consumption of more calories:
    Now a days people consume more unhealthy calories than old people. They consume more sugary items and junk foods. As it is said that excess of everything is bad so this intake of high carbohydrates and sugar lead toward obesity.
  2. Relaxing lifestyle:
    Inventions of different technologies like mobile phones, television, computer, video games and other relaxing machines have changed our life style to a great extent. We are more relaxed as compared to our parents and older generations. This change in attitude leads toward obesity as we spend most time sitting and do not work out enough to burn extra calories.
  3. Deprivation of sleep:
    Researchers claim that deprivation of sleep is another leading cause of obesity. A study was conducted in which both children and adults were examined and it was reviewed that both adults and children who faced sleep deprivation, they can gain more weights in little amount of time.
  4. Medication:
    Sometimes it happens that medications become a source of weight increase in some people. Issue of weight gain varies for different drugs. When you come to know that a certain medication is causing you to gain weight, you must inform your physician. Alternative medications can be used to avoid this problem.
  5. Genetics:
    Genetics play a key role in obesity. The children of obese parents are more likely to have the issue of obesity at some stage as compared to the lean parents. But it cannot be said that obesity is predetermined in this situation. It highly depends on the food too that you consume.
  6. Eating Habits:
    Eating habits are also a main cause of obesity. When people follow a less structured life style and they are used to eating unhealthy snacks on regular basis, they start gaining weight at exponential growth. On the other hand, the size of meal also matters a lot. If you are having healthy meals but the portion is quite large, this can also lead toward obesity.
  7. Lack of Physical Activity:
    Lack of physical activity affects your metabolic rate to a great extent. When the metabolic rate is affected, it retards the action of converting food into energy. In this way, the fat gets started to deposit in your tissues and the signs of obesity can be observed later.

Tips to avoid Obesity

Obesity is a critical factor that must be treated carefully otherwise you may suffer from many complications. Here are some tips that can be exercised to get rid of obesity.

  • Have breakfast every day. Skipping breakfast is not recommended at all.
  • Utilize high fiber food
  • Exercise on daily basis
  • Eat raw, green leafy vegetables
  • Avoid fast foods.
  • Use chicken, fish and beans for protein intake in your body
  • Eat handful of nuts on daily basis
  • Avoid sugary items.
  • Always try to utilize vegetable based oils instead of animal based fats.
  • Drink more water as it impedes craving for more food.
  • Only eat when you are hungry.

By following the above mentioned tips, one can work better towards a healthy life style and can get rid of obesity. Only persistence is the key.

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