Side Effects of environmental changes on human body

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Posted On: October 19th, 2018

Climate is changing with the passage of time. And this change in climate occurs due to the change in our environment. Environment is responsible for providing us fresh air, shelter, food, water, security etc. So a change in environment poses so many side effects on human health. People have started to experience these effects and it is said that in coming years issue of environmental change will be big enough to handle the situation. There are many reasons behind the environmental changes like,

  • Excessive cutting of trees
  • Exposure of factory smoke to the air
  • Natural climate changes
  • Pollution
  • Excess use of plastic
  • Factories discharge in water

These are the main causes of change in our environment and as a result human body is getting affected from these changes.

Here we will see that what are the affects of environmental changes on human body?

Asthma and Allergies:
Fresh and clean air is necessary for human body. When an environment is polluted, it paves the ways for air pollution. And this air pollution results in the form of so many allergies and asthma. It can also cause some type of cancer too. So people should pay immediate attention to these allergies otherwise they may have to suffer severe consequences.

Heat strokes and deaths:
In past few years, the temperature of the earth has increased to a great extent. There are so many reasons behind this change like excessive cutting of trees, pollution etc. As a result, heat strokes have become a common trend in hotter days. This change in temperature is getting so severe and it is enough to cause a death of a human being due to dehydration. In last few years, so many people had died just because of heat all around the world. Global warming is a great problem that needs to be solved on urgent basis.

Noise Pollution:
Noise pollution is also getting increased with the passage of time. Trees do not only help to clean our air but also they decrease noise pollution. When there is an excessive cutting of trees and exposure of industries is high, the level of noise pollution rises itself. This noise pollution can cause so many hearing problems in the people. Specially, the people who work in outdoor areas, they become a victim of this problem.

Environmental changes do not only pollute our air but our water too. We use water that comes from lakes, rivers, seas and canals. When the contaminated discharge of factories is dumped in these water resources, the consumption water gets contaminated too. This contaminated water causes hepatitis, diarrhea and so many other diseases that can be fatal for human body.

Cancer is a severe problem that is faced by the people. There was a time when air was fresh and chances of lungs cancer and skin cancer were less. But due to the environmental changes the risk of lungs and skin cancer has increased to a great extent. This is so because the air that we inhale is getting more and more polluted day by day. When this polluted air goes in our body, it paves way for different side effects. Lungs and skin cancer are quite common among these side effects.

These are some many other side effects on human health that are caused by the environmental changes. So there is a need to address these changes in environment on early basis otherwise the results will be more dangerous in coming years than before.

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