Simple tips to avoid indoor Air pollution

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Posted On: February 28th, 2019

Indoor air pollution is a common phenomenon. We carry so many pollutants with us when we come at home after visiting some outside place. These pollutants can be in the form of pollens, germs etc and our body or clothing can easily carry these pollutants. Indoor air pollution is also caused by so many indoor pollutants like sometimes we burn a piece of paper or a toast gets burned and we let the smoke streaming in the kitchen. So there can be so many reasons for the indoor air pollution. Now the issue is how to tackle this problem? What are the easy to perform actions or tips that can prove beneficial in avoiding air pollution?

Tips to avoid Indoor Air Pollution:

Here we will discuss some simple but useful tips to avoid indoor air pollution one by one.

  • Always keep your windows open:
    Air ventilation is the most important factor that helps to avoid air pollution. Open windows help to promote the healthy indoor air. When the windows are open, the indoor air is exchanged with the outdoor air. When you let the fresh air come inside the house, the chances of indoor pollution itself gets reduced.
  • Avoid Smoking:
    Smoking is injurious to health and everybody knows this fact. But one more thing that remains ignored is the smoke that arises from this smoking. Smoking is not only bad for the smoker itself but also the non smokers at home who inhale this second hand smoke, their health gets affected. According to a report of Environment Protection Agency, more than 3000 deaths of non smokers occur every year due to the lung cancer. So if you avoid smoking, this tip will help you to reduce indoor air pollution.
  • Use of exhaust fans:Use of exhaust fan is another good tip. You must have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. Exhaust fans in the kitchen give vent to the cooking smoke and these fans help in lightening the indoor air. Exhaust fans in bath rooms also help to exhaust the inside suffocated air. When the indoor air is exchanged with the outdoor air, the atmosphere gets fresh. In this way, air pollution gets reduced.
  • Try to use door-mat:
    When you come home, your shoes have so many pollutants. If you do not rub your shoes on a door-mat or do not take off your shoes and let the pollutants come in then the chances of air pollution increase. So you must try to use a door-mat when you enter your home to avoid air pollutants.
  • Skip fires:
    We feel very delighted when we see the dancing flames in the fire place and it happens especially in the winter when there is too much cold. But remember, the smoke that arises from these flames pollutes the indoor air. So skipping fires can be a healthy activity.
  • Avoid the use of carpets at home:
    Carpets can absorb many pollutants like dust, pet dander, dirt etc. Hard floor as compare to the carpets gets cleaned easily so you must try to minimize the use of carpets at home.
  • Use of vacuum:
    If you have a pet then you should use vacuum after regular intervals. Because brooms do not prove as handy to collect the dust and pet dander as the vacuum are.
  • Say yes to greenery at home:
    Plants help to purify the air. You can call them your best friends because they provide you fresh oxygen. This fresh oxygen is very beneficial for our lungs. By having indoor plants, you can breathe in fresh and clean air. They greatly help to reduce the air pollution. Indoor fresh and green plants also give a chic look to your décor. So buy some green plants for your home and avoid pollution.

These are quite simple and useful tips that can help you to avoid air pollution easily. We should try to avoid indoor pollution because it can seriously affect our health. We spend most of our time at home so if the indoor air will be highly polluted, it will negatively affect our body.

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