Things to know before donating blood

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Posted On: February 25th, 2019

Blood is donated for a noble cause. Persons who donate blood, their aim is to help others and this act of the people must be appreciated. According to a survey that was conducted by The Red Cross, it was discovered that 1 out of 7 people who enter the hospital need blood. Blood donation is a simple way to bring big changes in the life of others. So if you can then you must donate your blood.
There are many people who generally ask that what type of information; they must have before donating the blood. So here we will discuss these things that must be in the knowledge of a donor. These are as follows,

  1. Prepare yourself before donating the blood:
    Blood donation must be a pre-planned thing instead of an impulsive decision. When you have taken a decision to donate your blood then you must prepare yourself. You should eat iron rich food and use of meat, eggs, fruits etc is also important for the health of donor.
  2. Blood cannot be donated in case of chronic disease:
    People who donate blood, they must know that they cannot donate blood in case of some chronic disease. If you are suffering from cough, respiratory problem, flu then you must not donate until or unless you get recovered.
  3. Everyone is not eligible to donate blood:
    You must know that the age of donor should not be less than 17 years. In some countries it is 18. Underage people are not allowed to donate blood. Pregnant women are also not allowed to donate blood. People having low blood count cannot donate blood too.
  4. Minor risks are associated with blood donation:
    People want to know the type of risks associated with blood donation. But donors should keep calm that minor risks are associated with this act. Feeling dizzy, sore arm, bruising near the needle are the minor problems.
  5. People suffering from severe diseases cannot donate:
    A donor must know that if he is suffering from some infectious or severe disease then he may not donate blood until or unless he gets recovered fully. These diseases include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, genital warts, HIV etc. In case you have syphilis, you can donate after 12 months of your treatment.
  6. Easy to donate but be prepared:
    Blood donation process is quite easy. All you need is the mental preparedness. When you want to donate, you must be mentally prepared about the dizziness or tiredness. First of all you need to take an appointment for donation. Visit the place, discuss your medical history with the doctor and then you can donate blood.
  7. No age limit:
    You are not too old for the blood donation. There is no age limit. You can donate your blood at any age.
  8. There is no need to know your blood type:
    There are many people who think that it is necessary to know your blood type before donating the blood. But in actual there is no need to know about your type. This is so because in hospitals patients enter with diverse blood groups. All blood types are required to handle different emergency cases.
  9. Multiple health benefits:
    Donors must know that they have a lot of benefits themselves of blood donation. Blood donation regulates your blood circulation and this is quite good for your cardiac health. According to some medical studies, people who donate blood on regular basis, they have less chances of developing the cancer disease. So it is good to donate blood.
  10. In short, blood donation is a noble activity that can make difference in the life of others. But if you want to donate blood, you must go through these points. These points will help you to know that whether you are eligible for blood donation or not.

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