Top 10 Common Health Issues Today

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Posted On: August 17th, 2018

Health is wealth is a generally known proverb. And this is quite right because if your body is not healthy, you will observe great hardships in moving your routine life. When a person is vigorous, he can enjoy the beauties of life fully. But it has been observed that the health issues are getting strong with the passage of time. People are experiencing different obstacles in their life due to bad health. This phenomenon is not confined to the people of a specific region but all across the world, the health issues are posing a strong effect on the life of people. If we talk about these issues, it will be quite difficult to cater all the problems. So we will discuss here the top 10 common health problems that the people are facing across the boundaries in the world.

Obesity and overweight:

This is the most common health issue that the people are facing today. There was a time when people were used to have organic vegetable and fruits. Homemade meals were their first priority. The concept of restaurants was not so generalized. But the things started to change with the passage of time. Now people are more obsessed with the junk food. Eating habits have been changed fully. This attitude leads toward the problem of obesity. People around the world are having the issue of overweight.

Physical activity:

Researchers advocate that physical fit people are able to avoid so many diseases like cancer, heart attacks, diabetes etc. Physical activity does not only improve your health but also relieves the problem of depression. It improves your mood too. But now a day, we have become technology oriented people. We try to perform so many tasks by sitting at home. This attitude toward health is not good. Physical inactivity poses a great threat to a healthy life.

Use of Tobacco:

Use of tobacco or smoking is injurious to health. In spite of knowing this fact, people around the corner of world are involved in this activity. It is said that smoking is the biggest reason of premature death and sickness in US. Some people start smoking as a fun but then they become use to of it. And they become a chain smoker. The people who are intending to leave this habit, they must consult their physician because it becomes easy to get rid of it by exercising the instructions of a good physician.

Use of Alcohol and drugs:

Use of alcohol and drugs leads toward the serious health issues. These two areas are not generally associated with the seniors. Young people may self medicate themselves by using legal or ill legal drugs like alcohol and this is not right.


It has been observed that the issue of AIDS is getting very severe with the each passing day. When the people do not pay attention to their hygienic needs and use the razor of each other without knowing that the other person is the victim of HIV. They suffer from this problem and become the victim of this ailment too. On the other hand, senior people avoid using condoms and due to weak immune system, they pave the way for HIV/AIDS. The symptoms of this disease are rashes, fatigue, weight loss etc.

Mental health:

Dementia is not regarded as the part of aging. It can be caused by some disease, infections, diabetes, nutritional imbalances etc. Dementia can be of different types. Some can be permanent while others can be temporary. Depression is a very common mental health issue. Depression needs to be treated on urgent basis otherwise it may lead elderly people towards suicide.

Issue of injury:

Injury is a common issue among elderly people and falling is considered as a major cause of injury. Elderly people lose their balance with the passage of time due to weakness. There is the need of home security to avoid intrusion. Health medications can also be used to address the problem.

Environmental risks:

Although environmental risk is a general problem but the people who live in slum areas, they have to suffer more health related issues. Sanitary conditions are not good there and people may experience different problems.


Diabetes is a condition that is associated with the abnormal blood glucose level in your body. It is said that in the recent years the problem of diabetes among people have reached to a great level. Diabetes poses so many threats to a human body including the all parts of body like heart, brain, skin, ear, nerves etc. Excessive use of saturated products is the main cause of diabetes.

Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes etc are resulting in multiple health consequences for the people across the globe.

These are the most common health issues that the people of the world are experiencing today. Steps can be taken to resolve these health related issues on a large scale.

Tips to resolve health issues:

  • It is mandatory to plan against natural disasters so that the sufferings of the people can be decreased.
  • People should pay attention to obesity.
  • Physical activity is necessary for a healthy life.
  • Governments should pay attention to the slum areas so that the people may lead a better life.
  • Awareness regarding different diseases like diabetes, aids must be provided to the general public.
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