What are the negative impacts of Obesity on our lives?

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Posted On: April 20th, 2019

Obesity is a serious and harmful chronic disease that has ability to cause great damage to our body. There is a general perception about obesity that prevails in our society. According to this perception, when you consume more calories and do not burn these calories by doing any considerable activities then you start to gain weight. Somehow this perception is right but there are many other factors that are associated with this problem. These factors include socioeconomic factors, life style choices, a complex or different combination of genetics, metabolic factors etc. Sometimes medication does not suit to your body and it paves the way for obesity. So there can be so many reasons behind this problem.

Now we will try to discover that how obesity negatively affects our body or what are the negative effects of obesity on our health?

  • High blood pressure: Obesity paves way for so many diseases and among one of these diseases is high blood pressure. Fat tissues that form in our body, they need additional nutrients and oxygen to live. It means that blood vessels have to increase the flow of blood for these fat tissues. Due to this increase in blood flow, the workload of heart also increases. More blood circulation means more pressure on the walls of artery. So this high pressure on the walls of arteries paves the way for high blood pressure that can prove quite dangerous for our body.
  • Heart disease: It is a matter of fact that obese people are more likely to develop heart diseases as compare to the people who are not obese. This is so because fat starts to mount on the wall of arteries and it narrows or restricts the proper circulation of blood. There is a pressure on heart to pump the blood in a proper way. Sometimes this condition leads towards the severe heart pain or heart attack.
  • Diabetes: Studies reveal that obesity is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. There was a time when this disease was a part of adults’ life but now the situation has changed. Now it is occurring in children too. Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for blood sugar and obesity starts to cause resistance to this hormone. Sometimes it happens that you are at a moderate level of obesity but it dramatically increases the risk of diabetes.
  • Cancer: It has been observed that obesity is the root cause of plenty of cancers in women for example it contributes towards breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon and gallbladder cancer. In men, it is accounted for prostate and colon cancers.
  • Respiratory problems: Obesity is the root cause of so many problems and among one of these problems is respiratory problem. When you are overweight, the additional weight of your chest wall squeezes your lungs and this thing restricts the breathing. So this restricted breathing gives birth to respiratory problems.
  • Psychosocial effects: We live in a society where physical appearance is given a great importance. People who are obese, they often suffer a lot disadvantages. Generally they are considered lazy and no importance is given to them in our society which is a harsh reality. People who are overweight, they have generally no romantic relationship just because of their obesity. This attitude can affect them mentally.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is a major issue that is caused by obesity. People who are obese, they find it difficult to move in their routine life with ease. They just start to feel tired after some time of physical activity. Fatigue proves a great hindrance in their working.


In short, obesity is the mother of so many evils. It does not only pave way for so many diseases but also it shortens the life expectancy of people. This is a problem that is equally affecting the people of all the ages. There is a need to nip this evil in the bud so that its devastating results can be avoided.

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