What is Arthritis? How it can be cured?

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Posted On: October 19th, 2018

Arthritis is a term that is generally referred to the inflammation of joints. In this disease, people feel pain in their one or more than one joints. There was a time, when this disease was hardly known to people but now the situation is changed. People of all ages like teenagers, adults and even children are prone to this disease.

What is Arthritis?

A joint is a connection between two or more than two bones. These joints hold the bones at their actual place and help human bones to work in a right direction. These joints are covered with capsules that hold a special liquid in them that is called ligament. Ligaments perform the function of elastic bands. The ends of the bones are lined with another special element that is called cartilage. This element is consisting of very strong tissues. So the presence of ligaments and cartilage in joints help to move our bones easily. When there is a reduction in the normal amount of cartilage tissues in bones, the problem of arthritis arises. The most common symptoms of arthritis are swelling in joints, joint pain and stiffness. Redness of skin can also be observed around the joint.

When it is talked about the types of arthritis, we come to know that there are more than 100 types of this disease. The treatment of this disease is possible only after diagnosing the right type of arthritis.

How arthritis can be cured?

When we talk about the treatment of arthritis, we come to know that the main goal behind treating this disease is to prevent it from spreading to the other joints of body. Different methods have been utilized to control this problem. Selection of medical treatment depends upon the condition of the patient and the intensity of the pain that he bears. There are three common methods that we will discuss one by one.

Surgery is recommended to those patients who are at high stage of pain. When the inflammation of joints is high and the patients find it hard to move their joints, doctors recommend surgery. In some joint surgeries, your joined is replaced with another artificial joint. This type of surgery is normally done for the hips and knee joints. Many people have a severe pain in their wrists or fingers due to arthritis, in this situation doctor may recommend a joint fusion. This is a procedure of locking the ends of your bones together and these bones are not unlocked until they become one.

Different medicines can be used to get a relief from the pain of arthritis. Analgesics are good enough to decrease the pain of joints. But in case of inflammation of joints, they do not work. They can help only in relieving the pain. People who suffer from the swelling of joint, Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs are advised to them. These drugs help to decrease swelling to a great extent. Creams like capsaicin or menthol help to prevent the transmission of different pain signals from joints. These creams are good enough so the patients are advised to buy such creams for getting relief from pain.

Physical therapy:
Physical therapy is regarded as the core ingredient of the arthritis treatment. Physical therapy includes the different type of exercises and these exercises are good enough to strengthen those muscles that are located around the troubling joint.

These are the methods to control arthritis and doctors claim that there is no permanent cure for arthritis. Treatment can just help to lower down the intensity of this disease.

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