What is Cancer? Types and treatment of Cancer

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

Cancer is a generic term that is associated with the plenty of related diseases. In the state of cancer, some cells of the body start to multiply without stopping and they create lumps in the surrounding tissues. These lumps get transformed into the tumors later. Such tumors have an ability to affect the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. There are more than 100 types of cancer and the ratio of the people who are suffering just because of this vicious disease is increasing day by day.

Types of cancer

As we mentioned earlier, there are more than 100 types of cancers. Each type of cancer affects a particular tissue. Here we will discuss five the most common types of cancer and their treatment one by one.

  1. Breast Cancer:
    This is a type of cancer that originates in the tissues of breast. Basically, the breast tissues are made of healthy cells that help to maintain the breast health but in case of cancer, some of the breast cells start to behave abnormally and they change their shape. Breast cancer starts with a small lump and it spreads to the lymph nodes of breast through vessels. Detection of breast cancer at early stage makes its treatment possible. Annual mammography screening is recommended to detect the presence of this cancer in breast. There are two basic goal of the treatment of breast cancer. The first and the foremost goal of breast cancer treatment is to get rid of the body of cancer and the second objective is to stop it from returning. Breast cancer is quite common among women. Many other factors like age, personal preferences and menstrual status also play a key role in treatment.
  2. Colon Cancer:
    In this type of cancer, rectum or colon gets affected that is a part of large intestine. Colon is basically a muscular tube that constitutes the last part of the human digestive tract. There is a smooth lining of colon that contains millions of cells. When cancer forms in this lining, the number of cells increased to a great extent. This growth in cells leads towards polyps or it forms the fleshy clusters of the tissues. Small polyps are not dangerous but in case of ignorance or late detection, they can develop in the form of cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation are also recommended at the same time with surgery.
  3. Lung Cancer:
    This type of cancer is also very common these days. When the number of cells increased to a great extent in lungs, they pave the way for lung tumor and this tumor results in lung cancer later. It mainly develops in the bronchi that are known as the air way of lungs but it can also develop in other areas like alveoli and bronchioles. People who suffer from this disease, they initially complain chest pain. When we talk about the treatment of this cancer, we come to know that it depends on the type of the specific cells that form this cancer. Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and palliative care are the common treatment.
  4. Head and Neck Cancer: This is a vicious type of cancer and it normally appears in the floor of your mouth or in lips or tongue. Head and neck cancer is further divided into many types like thyroid, sinus, larynx, nasal cancer etc. Doctors claim that tobacco and alcohol are two main reasons for head and neck cancers. People who suffer from head and neck cancer, they feel trouble in swallowing food. Like other cancers, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the recommended treatment for this ailment.
  5. Skin Cancer:
    Skin cancer is getting quite common with the passage of time. The ratio of patients suffering from skin cancer is increasing day by day all across the world. This cancer may spread to the other organs through your blood stream. Skin cancer can be fatal enough and it may cause death if it is not treated properly. Pathologists and oncologists can guide the patients properly regarding the treatment of this type of cancer. Surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy or plastic surgery can be suggested by the doctors.

So these are the five major types of cancer. Treatment varies according to the condition of the patient and the placement of the cancer. Early findings of cancer can pave way for the successful treatment.

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