What is ‘Raw Water’ and should you drink it?

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Posted On: December 19th, 2018

Our body is composed of 60% of water and this ratio is important enough to make us realize that a healthy body cannot work without water. Consumption of 10 to 12 glasses of water is necessary however it is a separate debate that what type of water it should be? This debate is quite controversial. First of all we discuss that what is raw water?

“Raw water term is used for natural water. This is unfiltered and untreated water that is obtained from natural spring and directly bottled. This is called unprocessed water too.”

Now a day, a lot of manufacturers are selling this raw water in the market and they say that it is a good alternate to chemically treated or processed water. They claim that this raw water contains all the natural probiotics that help in digestion and maintain good health.

On the other hand, researchers and government officials have a different point of view. They say that it is not always advisable to consume the natural things in the same way as they are. Same is the case with raw water. They claim that it does not help in digestion and it must be avoided.

Potential benefits of raw water:

Everything has its own benefits and risks that help people in making a right choice. Pros of drinking raw water are as follows,

  • Raw water is found and consumed in its original condition. It means that all the probiotics remain present in the water that make your body healthy.
  • The people who support the use of raw water, they claim that this water holds more electrolytes and minerals as compare to the filtered water. They say that this water is full of calcium, copper, potassium, sodium and silica that are necessary for our body. They also call raw water as alkaline water. This is so because alkaline works for human body as an antioxidant and it restricts the damage of inflammatory cells from oxidation.
  • Some people prefer raw water because they like the taste of this water. This is a totally personal preference.

Potential risks of raw water:

Researchers say that raw water owns many disadvantages that is why it must be avoided.

  • Researchers say that raw water contains a lot of viral bacteria and parasites that can harm a stomach to a great extent. That is not good at all. In bottled water, different chemicals are used that kill these bacteria and make this water drinkable.
  • The youngest and oldest people can be an easy victim of such bacteria that are found in this raw water. This is so because the immune system of young and old people is weak and it can easily build up illness in their body.
  • Possibility of pathogens with other chemicals, parasites and bacteria in raw water is always there.


Debate over raw water is being done from ages. Manufacturers of raw water claim that this is good enough for health as it contains all the natural minerals in it. Filtration of water ruins its properties. On the other hand, experts say that this water can contain a lot of parasites that can damage your health to a great extent. This is not healthy for use. So it depends on people how they react to this debate. FDA has made regulations for the bottle water too. They cannot add many chemicals to process the raw water. So people have to select themselves what is good for them.

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