Why depression is common among women?

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Posted On: August 20th, 2018

What is depression?

Depression is a state of mind that impedes our routine life. It does not only affect us emotionally but mentally too. It has been observed that women suffer from this disease twice as compared to men. Depression leaves a negative effect on daily routine of women.

Women are more prone to depression according to different researches and there are many reasons for that which we will describe below.

Reasons for depression

Hormonal imbalance

It has been observed that hormonal changes occur frequently in women as compared to men. This hormonal disorder is a basic reason of depression in women. It often happens when they are going to give birth to a child. Hormones are usually disturbed during pregnancy. Hormonal level is also subject to change at the time of menopause. When hormonal level gets disturbed, the problem of depression arises.

Sensitivity and emotionalism

Sensitivity and emotionalism are also important reasons for depression in women. Women are more involved in their relationship as compared to men. They care for people and they like to be cared for. But it often happens that they do not receive the same love and care in response. They have deep emotional attaching about for such issues so, this situation leads toward depression.

Not expressing anger

It has been observed that if women are angry, they cannot express their anger in the way men can. Men can shout, express their anger in many ways but women often try to control their anger by keeping themselves quite. When they do not express, they start to think many things inside their mind. Thus this attitude paves the way for depression and anxiety for them.

Instant stress

Women feel stressed instantly. If they are working women, they will feel more stress naturally. This is because they have to bear the working pressure and also have to maintain homes. They have to take care of their children, maintain their home and do the job at same time. That is why women suffer from the problem of depression.


It is a matter of fact that women live longer as compared to men. Their old age is comprised of loneliness, ailments and sadness so such things also lead women toward depression.

Psychologists say that the patients who come to visit them for diagnosis are mostly women. They are depressed due to certain reasons and they want to share their problems to get rid of this anxiety. So they claim that the ratio of women diagnosed with depression is more than the men.

Tips to avoid depression

Here are some beneficial tips that women can practice to avoid depression. These are as follows:

  • Try to avoid stress. Stress leads toward depression.
  • Exercise on daily basis can help a lot in managing the situation in a well manner.
  • Exercise makes your nerves stronger.
  • Women should use proper diet to stay healthy. Our brain needs essential nutrients to handle the pressure of life in an appropriate way.
  • Talking therapy is good for women to avoid stress.
  • Always try to sleep well. Sleep deprivation can cause the problem of depression in women.
  • If you are suffering from depression, consult with a psychologist and have proper anti depressants.

Depression can lead towards some horrific consequences if it is not addressed in time. Even it may enable a person to kill himself so it is important that depression is cured in time to help women live a happy and healthy life so that they can maintain and take care of their families as well.

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